To ensure you get the most out of your spa, it’s important that you get a professional to maintain your spa regularly. In fact, the more you use your spa, the more maintenance it will need. This may seem like just another expense to add to the household budget, but spa servicing will actually save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If you’re in Nowra or the surrounding area, Aqua Service is your one stop spa shop. We service and repair all types of spas and have access to a wide range of spare parts.

Balancing Spa Water

A large part of spa maintenance is keeping the water clean. Carefully balancing the chemicals will prevent long term damage to your spa. For example, two nasty consequences of unbalanced spa water include bacteria growth and corroded spa equipment. Spa water also needs to be changed regularly, but again it will depend on how much your spa is being used. On average you will need to change your spa water every 3 months.

If you’re new to owning a spa, it’s best to call in the professionals first so they can test the water and balance it properly. If you own a spa in Nowra, Aqua Service Pool & Spa should be your first call. Our spa technicians will make sure your spa is working correctly, balance the water and give you a ‘spa lesson’ so you know exactly what you are doing in the future. Of course, we can also supply you with all the spa accessories you need from our mobile spa workshop

Nowra Spa Servicing & Repairs

To avoid a broken down spa it is important that your spa is serviced regularly. Regular maintenance will identify any issues before they cause a much bigger problem. The most common repairs we carry out are leak repairs, pump repairs, heater repairs and spa cover replacement. Where possible, we will fix the problem on the spot, but sometimes it may be necessary to order spare spa parts. Having so many years of experience in the spa and pool industry, we can source a wide range of parts at the best prices saving you money on your spa repair bill.
Contact our spa technicians today to book in your Nowra spa service. We also offer pool servicing and pool repairs.