A safe pool is the only pool. In your backyard, your swimming pool represents the ultimate in fun and relaxation. But this recreational icon can easily become a hazard, if safety measures are not taken. Fortunately, every pool owner can ensure their pool and pool area is safe and secure, by implementing these 10 essentials for pool safety:

Pool rules

Even a home swimming pool needs to have clear cut rules regarding its use. Sit down with your entire family to set some specific rules about your pool. This is especially vital in a family with children. The pool rules can include items such as never swim alone, always clear the pool deck after swimming, and no running on the deck. Both adults and children should adhere to the pool rules.

A high quality, locking gate


Pool fencing surrounding your pool area can be a safety essential, and is an absolute must if you have young children. The fencing should be suitably tall, secure, and impermeable. To access the pool, you can install a gate. Be sure to equip this with a solid, childproof lock. Gates and fencing keep your kids away from the potential dangers of an open swimming pool and prevent them from entering the area without your knowledge. Test your gates regularly to confirm proper functioning.

A clear and unobstructed pool deck

A simple way to keep your pool area safe is to always clear the deck area from pool toys, shoes, chairs, and other objects. These can easily become tripping hazards, causing a child or adult to fall into the pool or to hurt themselves on the deck surface. Make it a rule to immediately put away toys or maintenance equipment after use.

Swimming skills

To prevent drowning, it is key to teach young children how to swim. These skills could help save their lives. Experts say that age 4 or 5 is a good time to begin swimming lessons. Even with the proper skills, children should always have an adult present when they are in the swimming pool.

Safety knowledge

All adults and even teenagers in the household should brush up on their safety knowledge and awareness. If possible, a course in CPR can be a good investment. Having the basics under your belt can help prevent accidents from happening in the first place and will be a critical skill should something go wrong.

Proper pool lighting

A poorly lit pool can be a recipe for trouble. If you’re planning to use your swimming pool in the evenings, be sure to get appropriate lighting installed. This should illuminate not only the inside of the pool but the walkways and entryways as well. Without the proper lighting, you risk sustaining a fall.

Adult supervision

Whenever children are swimming, an adult should be thoroughly supervising. This may be the single most important safety element in keeping kids safe in the pool. In a group, alternate “shifts” to ensure the pool is being watched carefully at all times.  

Regular pool maintenance

Pool safety also depends on a hygienic, problem-free pool. This is easy to achieve with the right pool maintenance. Use your Shoalhaven pool shop to help you find the very best products to keep your water sparkling clean and swim safe.

A water rescue kit

In the event of a pool emergency, a rescue kit can be a lifesaving element. A flotation device, as well as a rescue pole and first aid kid will make your pool a safer place for all.

A sturdy pool cover

When your pool is not in use, a strong cover should be set in place. This is an extra precaution against young children falling into the pool, and also prevents excess debris from entering the water.

Ready to stock up on those essentials? Your Jervis Bay pool shop, Aqua Service, has everything you need to fully equip your swimming pool for safety. Any questions? We’re here to help.