Here at Aqua Service, we know that a swimming pool is an essential part of the Aussie lifestyle. Especially here in Nowra, our excellent climate means a pool will get frequent use throughout the year. If you want to enjoy Australia’s sunshine, a swimming pool is a great way to do it.

But you may be unsure of what type of swimming pool to buy. From concrete to fibreglass, above ground to in-ground, the range of pool options can make your head swim. To help you in your consideration, we’ve compiled this list of the advantages of above ground pools. Though all pool types have their pros and cons, Aqua Service specialise in above ground pools in Nowra (and beyond). These are the pools we know and love. Thinking of buying an above ground swimming pool? Here are 6 reasons that is a very smart choice.

An ideal pool for limited space

Perhaps you want a home swimming pool but your backyard space is somewhat limited. In this situation, an above ground pool can be preferable, as they tend to take up less space. Some properties also don’t have yards that can be easily accessed by the machinery or large equipment needed to install an in-ground pool. An above ground pool is often the best solution for a more modest space.

Fast, efficient installation – get swimming faster!

Traditional in-ground pools can take weeks or even months to build. If you’re ready to swim RIGHT NOW, an above ground pool could be the answer. These pools can be set up and ready to go in a matter of days. The simple erection of your pool also means that you won’t be dealing with the noise and interruptions of an in-ground installation. No major soil removal or rock breaking necessary, just a lovely swimming pool that fits perfectly in your backyard.

The most cost-effective pool option

One of the best reasons to buy an above ground pool is the money you will save. This type of pool typically runs a few thousand dollars less than an in-ground option. Even semi in-ground pools are more cost-effective. The major reason for this is the simplicity of the setup. No major earthworks or excavation are necessary, and your pool comes pre-built and ready to be installed. This is a great savings for home owners. Plus, when you save money on your pool, you’ll have more left over for pool toys, an expansive pool deck, or a fancy new BBQ.

Above-ground pools may require less maintenance

Many pool owners feel trepidation about the potential for excessive pool maintenance. With basic DIY maintenance on a regular basis, caring for a pool can be surprisingly easy. But it’s generally even easier with an above ground pool. These have less water volume to be dealt with, which can make cleaning them faster, and allow the filter to be more efficient. When you choose to cover your pool, the easy access to the pool’s edges make the above-ground pool faster and less complicated to cover.

Above ground pools can be safer for families with children

Families with young children or who will have children frequently around their pool area should make an effort to secure the highest levels of pool safety. A few tips can make all the difference. Even so, an above ground pool may prove more naturally secure from children. In-ground pools post more of a risk because they are at walking surface level. This means that an inadvertent fall into the water is more likely. Above ground pools can avoid this issue when set as free-standing pools, away from decking. In this setup, the pool must be accessed via a ladder. This can be removed to prevent children from attempting to climb it, rendering the pool much more inaccessible.

A less permanent option

Lastly, an above ground pool has the advantage of being temporary. While they can last for years, should you elect in the future to no longer have a pool, an above ground version can be completely removed. This is not the case for a permanent in-ground pool; at least not without an expensive fee and a great deal of machinery. Above ground pools can be perfect for those who want to “try out” having a pool, with no long-term commitment. If you’re selling your home in the future, it can also be helpful for potential buyers to know that the pool is optional.

Ready to find your dream above ground pool? Visit us at Aqua Service and check out our exciting options.